Digital Art guide

Templates of bags are available for setting up artwork. They are available on CD or emailed as .pdf files.

Artwork is acceptable in any of the following formats.
-Adobe Illustrator - saved as an .eps or .pdf file version 10 or lower with all fonts included or outlined.
-Quark Xpress - files are accepted if they contain placed art and are to be printed 4 color process.
-Adobe Photoshop - files accepted as black and white art and resolution is 600 DPI or higher.
All artwork is to be submitted as PMS spot colors, NOT CMYK.

On artwork, include rule lines that indicate the center of the Face and Back of the bag.
If printing different copy on each side of bag, indicate which is to print on the Face and which is to print on the Back of the bag.

Art with multiple colors should contain registration marks.

Full coverage of ink requires artwork to bleed into the bottom gusset. The bleed into the bottom gusset is to be determined by the bottom gusset size and may be altered if upon review we feel it is necessary.
If only gussets are full ink coverage, solid panel of ink is to be pulled away from the sides 1/8" on each

JPEG's and clip art are not considered line art and may incur charges if no other art is provided.

A preview of the artwork is suggested to be sent so it may be reviewed to enable us to make any recommendations, modifications or answer any questions that there may be regarding artwork.

Always keep a copy of the artwork and send only the necessary artwork. Eliminate all unnecessary layers, masks and colors before providing art.

Send a mock up or proof showing color composite of artwork for size, color, copy positioning and any special instructions for artwork.

When sending in black and white art check artwork thoroughly. If black and white color separated artwork is sent, please be sure they include a 4 point trap and submit a composite with the black and white.

Please note the following information regarding traps.
*Traps are needed when different colors touch each other within the artwork unless a color such as black is overprinting a lighter color.
*Traps are created using chokes and spreads to overlap colors and eliminate the unprinted areas from appearing. Colors are placed with the lighter of the colors trapping to the darker colors.
*A 3rd color may appear due to colors trapping to each other. The colors darkness depends on the colors being trapped.
*Traps are to be no less than 4 points.

During the formation of the bag, machine movements can occur side to side and top to bottom.
Please note the following recommendations and information:
*Do not use grids, squares, borders, outlines or type within 1/2" of the side folds and 1" of the bottom fold.
*Please keep any copy that you do not want to appear in the handle area, 1/2" or more from the handle. (Templates are available for handle placements upon request)
*As our printing plates can only incorporate one face and one gusset, when the back meets up the front, there will be a slight break in artwork.

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